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2011-11-14: HiNation supported by Vinnova

Great news: HiNation is selected to as one of the receivers of support from the VINNOVA Programme “Research & Grow“, supporting 51 innovative projects in a wide range of industries. The aim of VINNOVA’s funding is for small and medium enterprises to increase their competitiveness by investing in research and development, thus contributing to growth in Sweden.

“The funding confirms what we hear on the market; there is a need for solutions that meets the demanding environment after a natural disaster or major emergency. We provide a solution which is environmentally friendly and does not require any fuel delivery, which can be very difficult in the emergency situations or natural disasters. We delivered HiLights to Japan after the nuclear disaster – often it is only when something happens that we realize how dependent we are on electricity.” said Linda Krondahl, founder and CEO of HiNation AB.

The contribution from VINNOVA will fund a study of the needs in different types of emergency situations and rescue operations, and align the company’s existing product to meet these needs. Read the full press release!