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2012-02-10: Seminar: From Access to Sustainable Energy Development

HiNation attended the breakfast seminar organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Apart from the networking session over nicely brewed coffee and toasted bread, we had the opportunity to listen to two distinguished speakers; Eric Usher, a specialist on climate and energy finance at UNEP, and Martin Krause, who heads the UNDP’s energy and environmental issues in Asia. Eric Usher described UNEP’s work in helping countries to adapt its energy sector to renewable and “green” energy sources while Martin Krause presented the UNDP report Towards an energy plus approach for the Poor, based on an evaluation of 17 energy projects in Asia. “Breaking through the energy-poverty cycle is best achieved by combining the delivery of energy services with measures that generate cash incomes. This ‘Energy Plus’ approach has the greatest potential for reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.” This is exactly what HiLight does for its users when they sell mobile phone charges in rural areas of Africa and Asia!