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2012-02-28: HiNation interview

HiNation was mentioned in an article “Entrepreneur with a view to the savannas of Africa” in the Swedish magazine The article talks about the increasing growth of Africa and the role that the newly established Swedish-East African Chamber of Commerce (SWEACC) plays in increasing trade between Sweden and East Africa. HiLight by HiNation was mentioned in the article as a product which helps the Maasai community in terms of charging mobile phones and also to earn money by selling mobile phone charges. Although growth is high and incomes are increasing in many African countries, the purchasing power of most consumers is still low. Linda Krondahl, CEO of HiNation, gave her take on this issue by stating that “In the future it will be necessary for us to collaborate with local players, micro-loan institutions or similar, who can take care of credit to potential low income consumers.” For the full article, please click here (Swedish).