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How can HiLight facilitate the people of the Amazon?

During COP17, the climate summit in Durban in December 2011, Linda Krondahl and Kristina Linhardt met representatives from the Brazilian Amazon. Now 11⁄2 years later, the meeting resulted in the Klara Klingborg and Pauline Saers, two Swedish students in their final year of Master of Science program in Energy Systems at Uppsala University, will conduct a project MFS (Minor Field Study).

The project examines how HiLights can facilitate indigenous peoples of the Amazon, which in the current situation without access to electricity, while reducing the use of kerosene and diesel in the area. The project is a cooperation with the State Center of Climate Change (CELIMA) in the Amazon.

Professors from Ångström Solar Center and the International Science Center at Uppsala University contributes its expertise.

To learn more about the project, please contact Klara Klingborg or Pauline Saers.

Please click here (Swedish) and here (English) for more information.

Manaus Amazon Village