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HiLight tops sales at Green Generation Solar

2 Amazons in the Amazon!

HiLights are now on their way to Brazil as a part of a project to identify how HiLight can facilitate the daily life of indigenous people in the Amazon, and the benefits of using solar power in this environmental setting.

Pauline Sears and Klara Klingborg will during the coming months conduct a Minor Field Study in cooperation with the State Center of Climate Change (CELIMA) in the Amazon and Ångström Solar Center at Uppsala University. A pre-study is completed and will serve as a basis for the upcoming field work.

Once the project starts in mid-August, you can follow their work, experiences and findings on their blog, see Two Amazons in the Amazon.

Green Generation Solar links Sweden and Africa!

Monty Mahemde is a 38 year old diaspora from Tanzania, and a Swedish resident since many years. Her dream is to return back home to work on development issues and inspire people to make more environmentally conscious decisions using her experiences from Sweden. Right now, she devotes herself to a solar energy project called Green Generation Solar ( where she is importing various types of solar products from Sweden to countries in Africa such as Gambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

“Unfortunately, the power supply is still unreliable in many African countries. As a result, HiLights solar light and charger is the product with the greatest demand in my businss”, says Mrs Mahembe.

Read more about Monty Mahembe on her website,

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