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SLU tests HiLight in Chicken Farming in Zambia

Chibombo teamSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences, is currently looking at how HiLights can increase efficiency in the chicken farming and egg production in Zambia. The test is conducted by two Swedish veterinary students in collaboration with the School of Veterinary Medicine in Lusaka and Gart Institute on Choma.

The photo above is from Chibomobo, where some tests are conducted. Ms Simango, who initially raised the idea of providing the chickens with extra light using HiLight, is part of the group and also participates in the testing activities.

Students have now been in place for a few weeks and follows the growth in number of smaller chicken farms. The weight of the chickens are continuously monitored to identify if they grow faster when provided with additional light using HiLights. As it is very hot in Zambia this time of the year, the students will also use HiLight to power small fans, and see how this affects the chickens’ behavior.

Do you want to read more about their experiences? Follow their blog (in Swedish):

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