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Chicken Grow Faster Using HiLight

SLU Chicken study

An independent study was recently completed by students at SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and the GART Institute in Zambia. The aim of the study was to identify whether chickens grow faster when using HiLight, and tests were done both on broiler chickens and village chickens.

Results show that chickens having access to HiLight grew 6,5% moreduring the test period. In addition, chickens having HiLight had a lower “Feed Conversion Ratio” than the control group, i.e the utilization of the feed was better.

“Light has a large impact on the welfare of broiler chickens and village chickens”, states Cecilia Andersson, SLU. “The use of solar lamps [HiLight] in the present study resulted in a more rapid growth”6,5% increased growth – imagine what that could do when expanding it to country scale!
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