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Angola – Claudio Lamsa Da Silva

HiLight_Story_19_Claudio_Lamsa_Da_Silva_1I am staying in Angola and I brought the HiLight to different parts of Angola to introduce it to other people.

One area we visited was construction sites. As Angola has the fastest growing economy in Africa, there are a lot of construction projects going on. Apart from the normal working hours, the workers worked at night and even on Sundays to meet the tight schedule. HiLights could be used to provide adequate lighting for workers at night.

We had also done a mini case study on the selling of mobile phone charges. In Angola, the cost of charging a cell phone on a generator cost approximately 1 dollar. If an entrepreneur decides to sell the mobile charges at 0.8 dollars; this means that by selling 10 phone charges a day, he will get an income of 8 dollars a day which amounts to 240 dollars a month. This is the average salary of a maid or a gardener etc.

In all, many other groups such as the military, health institutions and institutes that are fighting against poverty have also expressed their interest in HiLight. I believed that the product would be beneficial for the people especially in terms of cost savings and income generating.


Photograph in courtesy and by Claudio Lamsa Da Silva
Ambangol LDA

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