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Christmas gift

Buy a Destiny – Stone powerbank (5200 mAh )- for someone you love and we will wrap it for you!

Destiny as Christmas gift

For deliveries in Sweden, we need your order before the 19th of December to be able to deliver before Christmas. For deliveries to other countries please check the dates.

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2014 June: Start a Revolving Fund, Give Light to Villages in Africa!

Innovation Accelerator in India

Start a Revolving Fund, Give Light to a Village in Africa!

Do you want to make a difference? By funding a CSR project, you and your company will support 250 families – 1,500 men, women and children – with HiLights every year! In our CSR projects, we cooperate with local organisations to make sure it draws from their local knowledge.In these CSR projects, families get their own HiLight and training on how it can be used to improve their day-to-day life and increase their family income, providing more food on the table and facilitates keeping children in school. During the following months, the user with repay their HiLight in small installments, which will be used to buy a new batch of HiLights for next year’s users. Your one-time gift supports 1,500 people this year, next year, and for years to come!

Do you want to know more? Contact Linda Krondahl to discuss how your company can get involved.

Also in this issue: 
• Angola Talks Business
• HiLight in Solkullen Assortment
• Meet us in Almedalen
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2014 April: Exploring India with Swedish Energy Agency

As a part of the Innovation Accelerator programme, HiNation has during the past week visited Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore with the aim to continue and expand our current work on the Indian market.

Participating in Innovations Accelerator has proven to be a great opportunity to meet with potential manufacturers, distributors and investors across several areas of India. Organized by Swedish Energy AgencySwedish EmbassyConfederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Business Sweden, they all contributed to a number of great meetings and building of new relationships, which we hope to develop further during the coming months.

Also in this issue:
  • WE School Cooperation
  • Board Meeting Coming Up
  • CSR Meetings in Kenya
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Innovation Accelerator in India
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2014 Mar Newsletter: MacWorld, Farmer training in Kenya and Attending DIHAD

MacWorld recently made a review of 7 off-grid chargers for portable devices, and the results are now presented on MacWorld webpage.

“Among the best power solutions I’ve seen“, and “Perfect companion for long trips”, and gets 4,5 of 5 points! You find the full MacWorld review here.

To celebrate the great review, we lower the price in our webshop from 1200 SEK to 990 SEK (excl. VAT). Order your own HiLight in the webshop today!

New Distributor and Meeting 700 Farmers in Kenya

During our last visit to Kenya, we participated in large-scale farmer training, where HiLight and its features were presented to over 700 farmers. After the presentation, the audience engaged in discussions on how HiLight best could benefits dairy farmers in their daily life.

Also in this issue: 

• HiNation Attends DIHAD
• New Distributor in Kenya
• Earth Hour

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