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Sweden – Jenny Bisther

HiLight_Story_17_Jenny_BistherSailing and boating is very popular in Sweden. Like me, many Swedes spend several weeks every summer sailing among the 24 000 islands and islets located outside of Stockholm. Most of these islands and islets are uninhabited and it is easy to find your own island for the night.

A well known phenomenon to most sailors is that access to electricity is usually scarce. I have been sailing boats with solar panels and wind generators to enable charging of batteries. They all help to increase the comfort onboard. However, with HiLight I get access to both proper light and mobile charging. I can easily strap my HiLight to the ceiling or bring it with me as a torch when I go ashore after sunset.

Since I’ve started using my HiLight, both comfort and security has increased onboard. I can now read my book in proper light as long as I want in the evenings without worrying that my batteries will become empty. More important though is the security aspect. Access to a working mobile phone is essential if something goes wrong while out sailing. Like me, many sailors carry their mobile phone next to them in a dry bag all the time to keep it ready in case of emergency. However, modern smartphones often come with a poor battery life. With my HiLight onboard I can count on having sufficient mobile charging as well as strong light whenever I need it – at least as long as I’m not out sailing during the dark Swedish winter months!


Photograph in courtesy and by Jenny Bisther
Synergy Partner

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Greenland – Rickard Berg

HiLight_Story_16_Rickard_Berg_1I borrowed a Hination Hilight to take with me for an expedition to Greenland in Kayak.

In Greenland during summer the sun is up all the time and it’s very often good and sunny weather because of the Inland ice, which pushes all the low pressures away.

We had a wonderful trip and the sun was really shining on us. In the beginning we didn’t really need the solar cell device, but after a week or so we used it for the first time. After recharging the HiLight from the Sun, I could charge my phone and soon we could charge more devices at the same time.

It was a very good help for us during our long expedition and we could charge our cameras and we got some really good pictures as well.

The less good thing was that the red and green light that was supposed to shine when you pressed the button you couldn’t really see it because the sun was shining so bright and it was very hard to find a place that was dark enough. So then you couldn’t really see if it needed to be recharged or not.

We had no use for the LED light but I tried it in a dark room in the beginning of the trip and I was really impressed of the strength and the brightness of the light.


Photograph in courtesy and by Rickard Berg

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Singapore – Jackalyn Pang Hui Fang

HiLight_Story_15_Jackalyn_Pang_3I first got to know about the HiLight from my brother, Max Pang. After reading about the uses and functions of HiLight from their website and some clarifications with my brother, I have decided to purchase a set of it to try out. Since I am living in Singapore, the sunny weather here is very apt for charging the HiLight.

One may be sceptical about the practicality of using HiLight in Singapore, considering her small geographical land area and easy access to electrical outlets in libraries or cafes. However, I found out that this is not always true. With the HiLight, I do not have to worry about having to find an electrical outlet to charge my phone, or having no phone connection at all when the battery goes flat. It is a bonus to be able to charge my phone on-the-go, considering that the Samsung Galaxy S2 model which I am currently using has a poor battery life. This also saves up waiting time for the phone to charge up, which is necessary if one is using the electrical outlet.

However, one thing about the HiLight is that it is only able to charge one electrical device at a time. This makes it inconvenient if there is more than one electrical device that needs to be charged.

All in all, it is a positive experience using the HiLight, and I am looking forward to see some electrical bills savings in the long run.


Photograph in courtesy and by Jackalyn Pang Hui Fang

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Sweden – Chinab Chugh

HiLight_Story_14_Chinab_Chugh_1I borrowed the HiLight for a weekend trip to Utö, which is situated in the farthest out southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. Since my friends and I have planned to camp there for a night, we felt that the HiLight could come in real handy.

My first impression of HiLight was that it was a very versatile equipment because it can be used in many situations. In the morning, we placed the HiLight on the top of our tent to charge under the Sun. Since the HiLight has a bright orange colour, we found it very easy to locate our tent amongst the numerous tents.

As we were away from “civilization”, we relied a lot on HiLight to charge our mobile devices. Apart from that, it also powered our portable speakers to play music throughout the day. I was particularly impressed with the amount of devices that the HiLight could charge with just a full battery.

During the night, we would turn on the lamp to locate our items. Initially, we wanted to hang it on the top of our tent but we could not find a place to hang it. Even though the HiLight was placed in a corner, it was still bright enough to enable us to see everything inside the tent.

We were very grateful to have the HiLight for our trip and I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are into hiking and outdoor camping.


Photograph in courtesy and by Chinab Chugh
Scirocco AB

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Sweden – Brandon Leong Hong Ern


HiLight_Story_13_Brandon_Leong_1During one of the weekends, I brought the HiLight on a trip to Tyresta National Park, in Tyresö. It was a sprawling national park located in the South-east of Stockholm.

I went hiking in the forest for a full day, from early in the morning till late at night. Throughout the hike, I relied a lot on my iPhone GPS to find my way around. This caused my iPhone battery to deplete quickly.

Fortunately the HiLight was able to charge my iPhone because I used it to charge my phone for the second half of my hiking trip and also during breaks.

As the weather was bright and sunny for most of the day, I left it hanging on the side of my bag to charge from the sun.

I found the HiLight to be easy to use. The versatility of the HiLight to charge almost any device is an important feature and it certainly proved very essential to me during the hike. Apart from that, it was not too heavy and it fitted nicely on the side of my bag.


Photograph in courtesy and by Brandon Leong Hong Ern
Googol Business Navigator AB

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