The Bright Box
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The Bright Box

32.000 kr

The Bright Box provides opportunities to children and communities in Africa by a introducing electricity in schools.

Schools in rural areas of Africa act as a safe haven and gathering point for villagers but many of them lack electricity, thus; the spaces remain mostly unused during evenings and nights. We want make a change by installing solar power for lights and charging.

We install environmental friendly solar power and use energy efficient LED lighting to enhance the capabilities for children in rural schools in Kenya. By using scalable products made with industry-leading, non-proprietary technology, we ensure that our common investment delivers a brighter environment not just today, but also in the future.

As in all ventures knowledge is key, therefore; we make sure that local personnel are given extensive training in installation and maintenance of the installed systems. All to ensure solid reliability and future expansional capabilities.By purchasing The Bright Box, you are part of providing a school with a lighting system and give students a possibility to continue their studies past sunset. It’s a chance for children to experience and relish in comfort that others take for granted.

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Product Description

Solar panels
Battery bank

All of these products are delivered in one box, easy to install and set-up quickly.


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