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England – Max WenXiang Pang


Max Pang, EnglandI went to London during the Easter Break and decided to bring along the HiLight. As an employee of HiNation AB, I understand the uses of HiLight and its applications. However, I want to see under what other circumstances HiLight can be used.

Throughout the trip, I always bring HiLight along with me. HiLight was being hung on the side of my bag and with its bright orange colour and unique design; it certainly received a lot of attention. Sometimes, I wonder if HiLight can be used as a fashion accessory as well.

I first used HiLight when I landed in London. We arrived at night and on the bus towards the city, the bus driver switched off the lights for passengers to rest. As I had to read the maps and local information, I decided to switch on the HiLight. With the orange flap put down, the light is being focused on my maps. This is really very good as it minimizes disturbances to others yet benefits me. Indeed a win-win situation.

During one of the days, I used HiLight to charge my phone as I forgot to do it the night before. This is really very important as I cannot imagine myself without any form of communication in a foreign land.

After the trip, I had a better understanding of the HiLight and also get to appreciate the many “other” uses of the product. However, one issue I observed is with the strap. During one of the bus rides, the straps just undid by itself and left my HiLight on the floor. I think one way of solving this is to use a strap clip instead of buttons.

In all, it’s an enjoyable trip and the HiLight certainly helped me quite a lot.


Photograph in courtesy and by Max WenXiang Pang
HiNation AB

HiLight hanging on my bag  Big Ben  Using HiLight in the dark  Tower Bridge, London

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