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Estonia – Akshay Viswanathan

HiLight in Tallinn, EstoniaI travelled to Tallinn, Estonia over the weekend for a short getaway. It snowed 2 days before I reached Tallinn and the temperature was very cold (-2 deg in the day). I took the opportunity to try out HiLight as well.

During the day when walking around the old town, I would hang the HiLight on my bag using the adjustable straps. At first I was afraid that the cold and falling snow might affect the device but when I tried to use the HiLight again at night, it worked perfectly.

I used the HiLight during the trip mainly to charge my mobile phone. Even though I did not get much opportunity to charge the HiLight under the sun, I managed to use the full battery of HiLight to charge my mobile phone from zero to full for 2 times.

I feel that the HiLight is a very useful replacement for external mobile phone charger. It does not take up space inside the bag and the battery capacity is big enough to ensure that the mobile phone can last for at least a couple of days.


Photograph in courtesy and by Akshay Viswanathan
Gavagai AB

HiLight in the snow  HiLight hanging on my bag  HiLight charging my phone