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India – Åsa Sköndal


India, Åsa SköndalThrough a school project I had the opportunity to go to India and that is where I got the chance to test out the HiLight. We were not in India during the hot summer period but autumn instead. The temperature of the day was around 25 degrees at midday and the area was quite dry. I tested the light in Madhya Pradesh at The Kanha National Park and the desert state of Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, it was really dry and the temperature was around 30 degrees.

During the trip, the HiLight has worked exactly as it should, the only thing was that the plastic edge was a bit loose in one place but it has not affected the HiLight’s performance at all. We used the HiLight to charge our camera, iPhone and MP3. First, we will charge the HiLight under the sun during the day and then we would charge our equipments in the evenings.

Initially, my friends were a bit skeptical. They thought it was a pretty big lamp and did not understand why it looked so “odd”. When I told them that the HiLight could recharge electronics, no one believed me. It was during one of the nights when my friend’s iPhone was out of battery and the electricity was turned off so she could not charge it. When I offered her my HiLight, she said, “Nah, then it will take so long.”

The funny thing was that then when we realized how smart it is to charge with the HiLight, we began to start using it excessively. When the first mp3 player was charged, we were all surprised. “It loaded the giant frog”, exclaimed one of the girls.

The HiLight has certainly been very useful for us during the trip. During our travel, although we mostly had good access
for charging and power, it was still difficult to get along. The reason I did not use the HiLight was when we were at
Bode. In the evenings, we were so used to the wall lights and if we need light, it was easier to just take a flashlight. But I can certainly imagine that if you are camping or hiking, HiLight is certainly perfect for brightening up a space for a long time.

If people are more interested in using HiLight as a charger, I think the weight and size of HiLight should be reduced. However, if people are using it just for the light, then the opposite is true.


Photograph in courtesy and by Åsa Sköndal

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