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Kilimanjaro, Kenya – Ellinor Hult


På väg upp sommaren 2013When my friend Orla and I climbed Kilimanjaro, we found the HiLight device to be a very useful and robust product. We charged it every day by attaching it to my daypack, as well as sometimes hanging it on the sunny side of our tent on the days that we arrived early to the camp site.

In the evenings we hung it inside the tent, in between ourselves, and used it as a reading lamp etc.

In addition, we charged our mobile phones with it. In summary, we found it easy to use, light weight and no problem to bring through customs. In addition it seems very sturdy. Thank you for a great product!

– Elli


Photograph in courtesy and by Ellinor Hult

Kilimanjaro sommaren 2013  Krama en agave 2013