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MacWorld Review of Off-grid Chargers: HiLight rates 4,5 of 5!

MacWorld recently made a review of 7 off-grid chargers for portable devices, and the results are now presented on MacWorld webpage. Most solutions are crank-based, one is the Swedish fuel-cell PowerTrek, and – of course – HiLight!

Here are short summary of the review of HiLight (for the full review, see link below):

“HiNation’s HiLight, (4.5 of 5 rating) is among the best power solutions I’ve seen. 

First, the HiLight incorporates a large battery that provides 14 Wh of power through its USB port—enough to charge an iPhone at least three times, according to the company. The pack is supplemented by an equally impressive solar cell, which can fully recharge the HiLight itself in about ten hours’ worth of sunshine.

Second, the HiLight also sports a high-power LED, which makes it a perfect companion for either camping or emergency preparedness. I didn’t get to test the light in a tent, but it was plenty to illuminate my living room during a power outage. [..] The device also features a special hibernation mode that helps the battery last longer when it’s not being used, and a convenient rubber lampshade that helps you focus the LED’s light in a smaller environment.

These features are neatly supplemented by a compact and robust build: The device is made from a safety-orange or gray plastic that’s highly visible, water resistant, and floats, and it includes a nylon-webbing handle for carrying and hanging. Best of all, the whole package weighs less than a pound, making it a perfect companion for long trips.”

As you can guess, we are really pleased with the review – and to celebrate the great review, we have decided to temporarily lower the price in our webshop from 1200 SEK to 990 SEK (excl. VAT). Order your own HiLight in the Webshop!

Read the full MacWorld review here!