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CSR Projects with Long-term Benefits

CSR Activities with Long-term Benefits 

We are proud to announce that HiNation during 2014 will develop a concept tailored to fit with the CSR work of companies and organisations. Thanks to a grant from the “Miljödriven Tillväxt” programme, funded by Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), HiNation is able to develop a standardized format that can be re-used and customized in size and scope depending on the priorities and interests of the customer. Some examples of possible collaborations:
  • Industrial poultry farm support small scale poultry farms in Zambia
  • Teachers’ Unions support teachers in rural Tanzania
  • Hospitals support off-grid nurses in remote areas of Kenya

The concept will include HiLights, distribution, training on how to benefit from HiLight – both practical handling and how to create and extra income for the family – as well as information and feedback to the donor. Depending on the possibility of the recipient to build a stronger income, the project should establsh a revolving fund, where the recipients finance continued operations for several years. As an example, a senior school class might be able to provide access to HiLights for the next class – year after year; all thanks to an initial investment from a company or organisation.

Are your and your company or organisation interested in partnering with us on the development of the concept, or are you interested in starting up a project targeting a certain group of recipients? Contact Kristina Linhardt on

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