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Nicaragua – Benoît Guyot


Nicaragua, Benoît GuyotI brought my HiLight to Nicaragua (Central America) where I travelled from the Pacific region with lakes and volcanoes to the Caribbean Sea for 3 weeks. During this time, the weather was generally good with sunny clear skies and temperatures around 25-30°C.

During our trip we exposed the product on a rucksack while travelling around, and when we were   resting, we would put HiLight on a roof or on top of a hut/sunshade while resting.The HiLight works perfectly! When exposed it for a full day of sun, I manage to charge the battery to almost the full capacity. While in not so favourable conditions, I still managed to charge enough to be able to charge my camera.

I found the HiLight very useful as I did not have a US-style plug adaptor to charge our camera. I used the HiLight to charge my camera almost on a daily basis and it came in really handy when I experience an electricity breakdown (blackout), particularly on Corn Island. On this paradisiacal Nicaraguan island in the Caribbean Sea, electricity is provided by an old power plant that uses fuel-powered generators. Disruptions at night had become norm on the island.

One occasion made me especially grateful to have the HiLight with me; during New Years Eve! We experienced yet another electrical breakdown. Not only was it very convenient to have a solution at hand, but also, it makes one really proud when the guest of the New Year’s Eve party moved around us to also enjoy and express their enthusiasm regarding the HiLight.


Photograph in courtesy and by Benoît Guyot
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