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Singapore – Jackalyn Pang Hui Fang

HiLight_Story_15_Jackalyn_Pang_3I first got to know about the HiLight from my brother, Max Pang. After reading about the uses and functions of HiLight from their website and some clarifications with my brother, I have decided to purchase a set of it to try out. Since I am living in Singapore, the sunny weather here is very apt for charging the HiLight.

One may be sceptical about the practicality of using HiLight in Singapore, considering her small geographical land area and easy access to electrical outlets in libraries or cafes. However, I found out that this is not always true. With the HiLight, I do not have to worry about having to find an electrical outlet to charge my phone, or having no phone connection at all when the battery goes flat. It is a bonus to be able to charge my phone on-the-go, considering that the Samsung Galaxy S2 model which I am currently using has a poor battery life. This also saves up waiting time for the phone to charge up, which is necessary if one is using the electrical outlet.

However, one thing about the HiLight is that it is only able to charge one electrical device at a time. This makes it inconvenient if there is more than one electrical device that needs to be charged.

All in all, it is a positive experience using the HiLight, and I am looking forward to see some electrical bills savings in the long run.


Photograph in courtesy and by Jackalyn Pang Hui Fang

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