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Singapore – Gordon Cham

HiLight by HiNationA solar-powered device, which can generate electricity for light and charging appliances, could be of what I need in the near future. Having heard HiNation has its HiLight that can charge under the sun, and act as a portable energy source, I yearned to test one myself. Fortunately I was able to borrow the HiLight from my friend.

The promising device started to change my life little by little when I realised its reliability for my daily usage. Using of electrical gadgets has become my life and I have to make sure that they do not run out of juice when I’m out. I could prepare myself with other type of portable charger; however they do rely on electrical port before they are bestowed with power to assist me. What if I do not have a charged portable charger? What if I do not have an adapter to charge? What if I cannot find an electrical port nearby?

I will not have to worry about the above problems if I have an alternative source of power available to me. HiLight is one device that grants me an access to the ever sunlight for electricity. I can always charge the portable charger anytime in the day with the solar panel built on the device.

When there is sunlight, there is always power generated by HiLight for me; it is perhaps the reason why the Decepticon activated their Sun Harvester to generate all the Energon they want. The power “from” the sun is now easily in the palm of my hand; Doc Ock probably didn’t have to go through the trouble of building a reactor if he learnt this.

The Sun that accompanies me in the day will still accompany me at night when electricity is converted by the solar cells are stored in my HiLight. As it continues to “shine” on me 24/7, I think I need not worry “being dark” from the world with my electrical gadgets and readily available electricity by my side.


Photograph in courtesy and by Gordan Cham

HiLight charging under the sun