Start a light revolution


Start a light revolution

Set up a Revolving Fund – and help people to help themselves.

Many families south of Sahara live without electricity and charging. The World Bank estimates 700 million people use kerosene as their primary source of light.

“Replacing kerosene lights with solar powered products thus represents a local solution that has significant positive global implications,” says Dr Jacobson.

Today 1.4 billion people across the globe rely on fuel-based lighting such as kerosene that emit carbon dioxide and black carbon (soot). (Source: World Bank)

The challenge for the families is the few hours of daylight and using kerosene creates an important health problem. Compare how we use electricity to prolong the active hours in electrified regions! Kerosene use contributes to pollution, respiratory problems, eye problems, and even to poverty because poor families are forced to spend money on the fuel each week. The light from kerosene is weak.

This means that after nightfall the children cannot do their homework, it is difficult to cook, make handicrafts, do refinery of any fruits and vegetables. And light is used for increasing productivity in i.e. animal farming; egg-laying chickens more than double the number of eggs with light, fish pond increase the number of sold fish with more than 30% with light. Two of many examples of increased efficiency accomplished with light.

Lack of light is an important hinder in their development!


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