Start a light revolution





Start a light revolution

Set up a Revolving Fund – and help people to help themselves.

Many families south of Sahara live without electricity and charging. The World Bank estimates 700 million people use kerosene as their primary source of light.

“Replacing kerosene lights with solar powered products thus represents a local solution that has significant positive global implications,” says Dr Jacobson.

Today 1.5 billion people across the globe rely on fuel-based lighting such as kerosene that emit carbon dioxide and black carbon (soot). (Source: World Bank)

The challenge for the families is the few hours of daylight and using kerosene creates serious health problems. Compare how electrified regions use electricity to prolong the active hours! Kerosene usage contributes to pollution, respiratory problems, eye diseases, and even to poverty because poor families are forced to spend a lot of money on fuel every week. The light from kerosene is weak and not strong enough.

What is a revolving fund?
Families often go together in "Saving groups" where they save to enable to individual members of the group to borrow. After some time, there is enough to buy i.e. a tool, equipment or a"HiNation Angaza Boma". One member can now borrow the money and buy it. This family pays the money over a few months and soon another member can do the same. The higher the number of HiNation Angaza Bomas are from the beginning, the quicker families will get the opportunity to their own light.

If it takes 4-6 months to pay back, 2-3 families can buy every year per HiNation AngazaBoma. In other words, with 50 HiNation Angaza Boma to start with, 100 – 150 families will get light in one year. 200- 300 families in 2 years.

A "Revolving Fund" helps the families to get started. By accessing and finance (read give) the startup cost of 30, 60, 90, 120, etc. st "HiNation Angaza Boma" will help the families to a faster development. They buy, pay and they can develop faster. Children can do homework and parents can work longer. Everything that the light did for us when Edison invented the light bulb will now be possible for these families as well.

Lack of light is an important hinder in their development!


Join us in the light revolution in one of these three ways!!

Gift Certificate

As an individual or a family you can support though buying gift certificates. And by doing this this you will receive a Certificate as a proof of your generous gift.

Create your own Revolving Fund®

Join together with your friends, colleagues, family or your networks and create your own revolving fund. When you buy from 20+ Gift Certificates, we can start your Revolving Fund®.


Join the Light Revolution!
Join other companies and be part of making an important difference for many families living in darkness.