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Sweden – Cadence Hsien Li Jie

Hanging HiLight on my bagI attended the event Future Perfect – Ö FESTIVAL from the 23rd to 26th of August. The aim of the annual event is for the participants to experience sustainable living and have a healthy exchange of ideas from people from different walks of life. The event this year was held in Vaxholm and we took the option to stay in the campsite during one of the nights.

During the day, when I was resting in the tent between programs, I would hang the HiLight on the side of tent to charge it under the Sun. Fortunately, the weather was good for most of the days and the Sun was bright and strong.

During programs, I would hang the HiLight on my bag because I was afraid that it might get stolen. It attracted a lot of attention and curious stares. People would approach me and asked what it is and how it works.

I used the HiLight to charge my Blackberry 2 times. I did not check the connector for my Blackberry but I found it in the 10-in-1 USB cable.

I found the HiLight to be very useful for camping. I think the most important aspect is that it can provide both light and charging in a single device. This allowed me to have more space inside my bag by not having 2 separate devices.


Photograph in courtesy and by Cadence Hsien Li Jie
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Adjusting the HiLight on the tent  Future Perfect – Ö FESTIVAL  Success after pitching the tent  Waxholm camping ground

Charging my Blackberry