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Sweden – Brandon Leong Hong Ern


HiLight_Story_13_Brandon_Leong_1During one of the weekends, I brought the HiLight on a trip to Tyresta National Park, in Tyresö. It was a sprawling national park located in the South-east of Stockholm.

I went hiking in the forest for a full day, from early in the morning till late at night. Throughout the hike, I relied a lot on my iPhone GPS to find my way around. This caused my iPhone battery to deplete quickly.

Fortunately the HiLight was able to charge my iPhone because I used it to charge my phone for the second half of my hiking trip and also during breaks.

As the weather was bright and sunny for most of the day, I left it hanging on the side of my bag to charge from the sun.

I found the HiLight to be easy to use. The versatility of the HiLight to charge almost any device is an important feature and it certainly proved very essential to me during the hike. Apart from that, it was not too heavy and it fitted nicely on the side of my bag.


Photograph in courtesy and by Brandon Leong Hong Ern
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