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Switzerland – Liu Boyuan

Liu Boyuan, Switzerland

Liu Boyuan, SwitzerlandI have the privilege to borrow a piece of HiLight for my trip to Switzerland. I have heard about the functions of HiLight from my friend, Max Pang, and wanted to see how it actually worked first hand. So I decided to bring it along with me to test its functions and usefulness.

The first time when I managed to use the HiLight is to charge my phone. Even though I brought my phone charger with me just in case, I wanted to see how long HiLight takes to charge my phone. I’m using a Nokia e71 and it takes about 30 mins to charge 25% of the battery. This is really amazing because I know that I can have phone charging even when I’m out hiking.

Luckily for me, the weather was very good and I managed to charge HiLight from the sun in the morning as well as when I’m taking train to different cities.

One suggestion is that the HiLight can come in other colours such as blue or black which are more popular. I will be interested in buying one only if the HiLight can be cheaper. I am going back to Singapore soon after my exchange program and I think that it will be a very useful product especially in Singapore where there is a lot of sunlight. I believe that it will definitely help households to save on electricity bills.


Photograph in courtesy and by Liu Boyuan
National University of Singapore

HiLight charging phone  View from Berne, Switzerland  HiLight charging from the Sun  Freitag in Zurich

HiLight charging on train  Church in Zermatt