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Distribution in Kenya

ICL Africa

I Choose Life Africa, a NGO well established in Kenya, and HiNation signed a distribution agreement. The objective is to start selling the HiNation New product range made to meet the demand and need from large groups of people living without electricity. We are very proud to have I Choose Life Africa as our partners.


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Pig Production

How can light improve pig production? Well, we found a way to make it more efficient!

Pig Production

We work with renewable energy to empower people in developing countries. Working with quality, innovation and collaboration we want to make power and light available for everyone. We especially want to help people living without access to an electrical grid in rural communities.

Are you looking for a light that lasts for a long time and that can handle harsh conditions?

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Kenya – Ken Levicki


Kenya, Ken LevickiI work in the field of development assistance, mainly with rural development in East Africa. For the past couple of years, I’ve occasionally been experimenting with various solar and dynamo powered products for portable lighting and mobile phone charging. During a recent 3 week assignment to the Lake Victoria region in Kenya I had the opportunity to test HiLight.

In my experience, HiLight is the first product that truly lives up to its performance claims. Charging my phone with it is just as effective as plugging in to electricity mains. The device’s construction was of good quality and durability to handle the elements and bumps while motor biking out on rough, dusty country trails.

The capacity of the battery met my expectations both as phone charger and lamp. I was especially impressed by the strength and wide shine of the light. My Kenyan colleague, Pastor John Ombwayo, stated it well – “this light is bright, just like electricity”!  I was even surprised it was capable of charging 2 phones at once though not designed for it.

HiLight became such an important kit in my travel that I felt insecure leaving it unattended! There were times when it needed to continue charging but I couldn’t or didn’t want to stay out in direct sun with it. It would be useful to have some means of fastening a small padlock in order to reduce the risk of it quickly walking away.

In any case, I can safely say that the HiLight will become a regular item of my travel kit. It’ll certainly be my trusted companion out on remote field assignments, and even when based in town it will find good use to allow me to continue working through the frequent power outages.


Photograph in courtesy and by Ken Levicki
INUG – Ingenjörer och Naturvetare utan Gränser

HiLight charging mobile phones  HiLight lighting up a room  HiLight lighting up a store  HiLight charging mobile phones