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Sweden – Jenny Bisther

HiLight_Story_17_Jenny_BistherSailing and boating is very popular in Sweden. Like me, many Swedes spend several weeks every summer sailing among the 24 000 islands and islets located outside of Stockholm. Most of these islands and islets are uninhabited and it is easy to find your own island for the night.

A well known phenomenon to most sailors is that access to electricity is usually scarce. I have been sailing boats with solar panels and wind generators to enable charging of batteries. They all help to increase the comfort onboard. However, with HiLight I get access to both proper light and mobile charging. I can easily strap my HiLight to the ceiling or bring it with me as a torch when I go ashore after sunset.

Since I’ve started using my HiLight, both comfort and security has increased onboard. I can now read my book in proper light as long as I want in the evenings without worrying that my batteries will become empty. More important though is the security aspect. Access to a working mobile phone is essential if something goes wrong while out sailing. Like me, many sailors carry their mobile phone next to them in a dry bag all the time to keep it ready in case of emergency. However, modern smartphones often come with a poor battery life. With my HiLight onboard I can count on having sufficient mobile charging as well as strong light whenever I need it – at least as long as I’m not out sailing during the dark Swedish winter months!


Photograph in courtesy and by Jenny Bisther
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Sweden – Katarina Widoff


HiLight charging in the sunHaving received my HiLight at the start of the summer, I have been using the charging function to charge my cell phone and mp3 player since then.

In addition, the light works perfectly on my boat. When I was looking for something in small and dark spaces, the HiLight always comes in handy. Apart from that, the strong LED light enables me to see further into the engine compartment or when I am taking a walk at the bay at night. Since I like to read at night, I used the HiLight to read in the dark. In the past, I often encountered the problem of the boat’s light turning off due to flat batteries. Sometimes in total darkness and without the boat’s light, it is difficult to start the engine. So it is always important to keep the HiLight close to me. Many people are interested in the lamp and mobile chargers.

Once, I met a few sailors during a walk. When I was about to charge the solar light, they asked me ,”What is it?”. We had a converstion about USB, Light and Africa and it generated quite a great interest.


Photograph in courtesy and by Katarina Widoff

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