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Tanzania – Mats Andersson


Tanzania, Mats AnderssonI participated in an expedition to Kilimanjaro organized by Expedition Travel (Ola Skinnarmo and Jonas Sundqvist). You can read more on We were a group of 15 participants including Swedish guides and domestic carriers. We took 7 days to reach the summit Uhuru Peak (5895 m) and back down.

During the day, I would strap HiLight onto my backpack and at night, I would hang it up on the roof of the tent and it gave a general good lighting to the surrounding. I also used it to charge my iPhone twice during the trip.However, there was a problem with HiLight when we got up to about 3000m. The lamp lit by itself without me activating it. I pressed the button to off it but it lit up again. Maybe it was the high air pressure due to the height that caused the problem.

Apart from that, I have no other views on improvement. The switch should be able to close so the HiLight does not turn on accidentally.


Photograph in courtesy and by Mats Andersson
Expedition Travel

Preparing for expedition  HiLight hanging on a tree branch  Pitching camp  Our base camp

HiLight charging Iphone  HiLight charging from the sun  HiLight hanging on my bag  HiLight charging Iphone